My title:
A Mouth Full of Butcher Knives
My introduction:

Vastly better than the film.

Author’s Name:
Peter Benchley
Categories: The best quote is:
It would be like a locomotive with a mouth full of butcher knives.
My Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Adrenalin Shot

Chapter 2 The Cause 

Chapter 3 Kissing the Summer Goodbye

Chapter 4 Alex Kintner 

Chapter 5 Ben Gardner 

Chapter 6 In Paradise

Chapter 7 A Predator in the Neighbourhood  

Chapter 8 Hooper's Open Fly 

Chapter 9  Open or close the Beaches

Chapter 10  A Premium Job

Chapter 11 Thread of Tension 

Chapter 12 The Locomotive with a mouth full of Butcher Knives 

Chapter 13 Blind shot 

Chapter 14 An Ejaculation of Hopelessness

The most important event is because

The man getting drunk. If his head didn't need to be cleared , the woman would have not suggested the swim and  as a result the shark may have not been attracted to Amity.   

The best chapter is because

Ben Gardner, a hero. He went on his lone to hunt the shark,killed defending his Island home. 

The adventure would be better if

Quint and Hooper worked more positively together. 

My favourite character is because

Mrs Kintner , for holding Brody to account for her son's death. 

My worst character is

Brody because  he didn't stand up to vested interests as he was talked out about his correct cause of death of the first victim.  

Characters I would add

A Second Great White Shark.

Why didn't Quint allow Bill Whitman to go with them on the Orca ?
Rewrite the Start

I want everyone to always drink with moderation .If the women was drunk she would have fell asleep on the beach like the man and as a result would have not gone swimming and therefore would have not been attacked by the shark.

Rewrite the Middle

I would reduce down chapters 6 and 7 as there's some useful interesting information of the History of Amity and Hooper.   

Rewrite Ending

Brody didn't accidentally shoot Hooper, Hooper's cage was strong enough to hold back the shark and the Orca was well built. These would ensure the plan to bring the shark to justice.

Rewrite a key event

Brody stuck with the shark attack as a cause for the first victim , closed the beaches , kept them closed and saved Alex Kintner.    

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  • This book is very good for older kids but not so god for little ones 

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