My title:
The Sisters Day and Night
My introduction:

A wonderful adventure of a victory of innocence ,inspirational parenting of a child been proud of their uniqueness.  

Author’s Name:
Lupita Nyong'o
Categories: The best quote is:
Real beauty comes from your mind and your heart.It begins with how you see yourself ,not how others see you.
My Table Of Contents

The Bullying at Sulwe's school 

Sulwe's Dream

Inside Mama's Room

Mama's Kitchen 

The Prayer 


Night and Day

The Next Morning

The most important event is because

  The Bullying at her school , students calling her Blackie , Darkly and Night as this triggered and shaped Sulwe's life.

The best chapter is because

Day and Night as they are wonderful role models for Sulwe.

The adventure would be better if

Sulwe confronts the bullies at her school, stands up to them and the bullies learn they are wrong. 

My favourite character is because

Mama because of her inspirational parenting . Real beauty comes from your mind and your heart.It begins with how you see yourself ,not how others see you. 

My worst character is

The bullies at her school. 

Characters I would add

A Teacher to sanction the bullies and call their parents. 

Why didn't Sulwe's sister help her in school ?

Why didn't the Day sent the star? 

Rewrite the Start

Sulwe reported the bullying to her teachers , they sanctioned the kids ,rang their parents and as a result the name calling stopped. Sulwe sister stood up for her sister and protected her in school.

Rewrite the Middle

The star after it returns Sulwe to her bedroom, visits the bullies at Sulwe's school and educates them about what happened to Night and Day so they will have the same positive feelings and attitudes of accepting people for who they are.  

Rewrite Ending

Sulwe marched into school expressing her beautiful confidence and courage by standing up to the bullies.  

Rewrite a key event

Day and Night confronted the people who were bullying Night by calling her rude names. There should be comments from the bullies to explain their behaviour. 

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