A very good book

My title:
The Ice Monster
My introduction:

The Ice Monster is a very interesting and captivating book that has 500 pages (I have read the whole book.) I recommend this book to people that like long books with pictures in it and not much writing. The Ice Monster is a great book that intrigues the reader to read more and has many cliff hangers. It's a great book to read to pass time and very entertaining. The Ice Monster is about this homeless girl with a scientist they travel across the world with a mammoth they brought back to life to take back to the Artic!

I hope anybody who reads this book enjoys it as much as I did !😀 

Author’s Name:
David Williams
Categories: The best quote is:
''Dahl finally has a worthy successor''
My Table Of Contents
The most important event is because
The best chapter is because
The adventure would be better if
My favourite character is because
My worst character is
Characters I would add
Rewrite the Start
Rewrite the Middle
Rewrite Ending
Rewrite a key event
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