Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

My title:
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
My introduction:

There is a boy called Harry and there are mysterious things going on.

there is a teacher that wants him DEAD so he has to be really careful.

He is famous and he does not know why and VOLDEMORT wants the Philosopher's Stone...

Author’s Name:
J.K. Rowling
Categories: The best quote is:
My Table Of Contents

Chapter 1-5: Boring

Chapter 6-11: Action

Chapter 12-17: Most action you will ever see

The most important event is because

The fight between Quirell/Voldemort and Harry as there are lots of different tests

The best chapter is because
The adventure would be better if
My favourite character is because

Harry because he is fearless and seems to over come danger

My worst character is
Characters I would add
Rewrite the Start
Rewrite the Middle
Rewrite Ending

Dumbledore: Another year, gone! And now, as I understand it, the house cup needs awarded and the points stand thus. 

In fourth place: Gryffindor, with 312 points!  In third place: Hufflepuff, with 352 points! Second: Ravenclaw, with 426 points! And in first place, with 472 points: Slytherin house!  

Yes, well done Slytherin, well done Slytherin. However, recent events must be taken into account and I have a few last minute points to award. 

First, to Miss Hermione Granger, for the cool use of intellect while others were in grave peril: fifty points!  

Second, to Mr Ronald Weasley, for the best played game of chess that Hogwarts has seen these many years: fifty points! 

And third, to mister Harry Potter, for pure love and outstanding courage, I award Gryffindor house: sixty points!

Rewrite a key event
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