Breaking the Rock The Great Escape from Alcatraz

My title:
Erosion of the Rock , A Preventable Escape from Alcatraz
My introduction:

Remembering back Mrs. Babyak was 15 , her father worked at Alcatraz , she treats the escape attempt like an archeological discovery so she can satisfy her curiosity about a spectacular event that came at the tail end of her father's career and the very kernel of hers .     

Author’s Name:
Jolene Babyak
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fifty years of flooding salt water weakened the concrete.
My Table Of Contents

The Man 

The Plan 

Breaking Rock 

April Fools 

Under Cover 



Source Notes 

The most important event is because

The decision by the US Army to flush the toilets with salt water from the bay. Salt water coursed through the entire cell house plumbing system into every toilet in every cell, corroding the pipes over time and even flooding the utility corridors. Without this Morris and the Anglins brothers would not have be able to get out of their cells. This makes the mistakes of counting dummies and blankets covering the work on the top of the cell block irrelevant. If they couldn't get out of their cells , they couldn't have been able to climb out onto the roof.    

The best chapter is because

Butterworth , who recommended that the entire plumbing system be replaced which meant the saltwater sewage system. This would have prevented the escape as the concrete would not have been corroded over the 50 years before the escape.  

The adventure would be better if

If Frank Morris' mother and father didn't abandon him at birth, maybe he wouldn't have turned to crime.  

My favourite character is because

Lieutenant Mitchell because he knew how to run effectively a prison, he was its drill sergeant, spit shine, cell house discipline. When Warden Blackwell got rid of Mitchell , Alcatraz lost its discipline, there would be 2 escape attempts .    

My worst character is

Adam West , He was a racist , a violence prisoner , car theft ,  an agitator , often found whipping up anger in the middle of loan sharking schemes, racial tension and prison power struggles.   

Characters I would add

Better leadership in Congress, in the Bureau of Prisons and  wardens who don't curried favors by trimming budgets compromising security. 

What would have happened in Adam West made in out of the cells on the night of the escape ?

Did Morris and the Anglins brothers make it ? 

Rewrite the Start

The cost cutting measures, gross mismanagement  over the decades broke the rock. 

Rewrite the Middle

The searches of the cells found the masks made to fool the guards during counts when asleep in their cells. West was supervised by a guard when painting the cell block roof. 

Rewrite Ending

Adam West didn't break the Rock , been transferred of the rock is not a great escape. Some greatness is in the fact that the escape he planned did accelerate the already planned closure of Alcatraz.     

Rewrite a key event

Assistant Director Wilkinson's report. It should of contained criticism and accountability for the culture of cost cutting which resulted in the neglect of the concrete. There should of been criticism of cell block officers who missed the blankets covering the raft workshop on top of the cells for almost 6 weeks. The cell house officers who had conducted searches of the cells , missing the fake vents.       

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