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This book is about a young girl named Matilda and she was very unique and smart at the age of 4 she got interested in books and even learned how to do things some adults couldn't do and astonished her teacher and classmates with her skills but she lived in a life where she didn't have loving or believing parents so she didn't have anyone to look up to except her teacher Miss Honey as she treated her with the utmost respect. 

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Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake
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your thinking can be older than you are.
My Table Of Contents

My book is really good and the content is 100 %.

The most important event is because

When Matilda takes revenge on the people who have annoyed her with her powers .

The best chapter is because

When miss Trunchbull swings a girl by her pigtails over a fence because it is really funny and stupid.

The adventure would be better if

There were more characters in the book.

My favourite character is because

Miss Honey.

My worst character is

Matilda's Dad .

Characters I would add

Miss Honey's Mum .

why did Matilda's parents not want her to go to school?

The book is good. 

Rewrite the Start

In the start Matilda was a young girl wo loved reading books and would go to the library after her mum had gone to bingo and explore the different character's and events in the book.

Rewrite the Middle

in the middle Matilda starts to use her powers and starts to have fun and practise with them and helps miss Honey.

Rewrite Ending

The ending is that Matilda gets adopted by Miss honey as she treated her right.

Rewrite a key event

Matilda shocked everyone with her multiplication skills. 

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