Esio Trot

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Esio Trot: Roald Dahl
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Esio trot is a very interesting book which i recommend to all readers who like fantasy/fiction books. This book is about a man called Mr Hopper who has fallen in love with the lady [ Mrs Silver] who lives beneath him in the apartment block. Mrs Silver buys a tortoise [ called Alfie] and Mr Hopper tells a lie to Mrs Silver so she would acknowledge him more. He says that he has a poem that can make tortoises grow bigger quicker. The poem is really words backwards hence the title; Esio Trot.

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Roald Dahl
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My Table Of Contents

I dont know what this means

The most important event is because

The most important event is when Mr Hopper says to Mrs Silver about the 'poem' because then they wouldn't interact with eachother.

The best chapter is because

All of them because like the whole book

The adventure would be better if

The adventure would be better if there was more action.

My favourite character is because

My favorite character is Mr Hopper because he is a very positive person in the book.

My worst character is

Mrs Silver because she seems a little bit annoying

Characters I would add

I would add a character that is Mr Hopper's friend and encourages him to confess his feelings to Mr Hopper.

who is the most irrelevant

Alfie because he is just there

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Rewrite the Middle
Rewrite Ending
Rewrite a key event
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