The great prison break magician Toshio Shiratori

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Toshio Shiratori great prisons escapes
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shiratori was a talented man who was falsely accused of murder and was sentenced to life , and shiratori was out raged as he had no choice but to agree that he committed the murder and he thought it was time to go . But here is the thing atory prison wasnt exactly the most easiest thing to break out of .

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News report
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In the atory prison shiratori had nothing to loose so he made his move at 5:30 am as at this time there was a 15 minute blind gap where the guards wouldn't be able to see him as he had studied the guards routines for months . And when the guards went away he didn't waste any time and took out a metal wire which he had got from the bath house and started to pick the cell lock , he had gotten this from the metal support ring from the buckets they used to wash themselves with . But after he got out of his cell which took him a few minutes as his hands were stiff from the wintery cold he wasted no time into picking the rests of the locks and escaped the atory prison . One of his skills were being a professional lock picker which came in handy for this escape . And the time was now 5:45 when the guards came to his cell they saw him fast asleep but in reality this was a bunch of wood planks from the flooring and his bed was in a position where the guards could only see his body in the bed and the would planks looked like a body so they went on . 3 days later he was caught stealing supplies from a hospital and just like that he was back in prison . 6 years later in the second world war (1942) he was transferred akira prison were the guards treated him worstly than his old prison and in this prison he was forced to do labour for the whole day and sleep on the freezing concrete floor with beatings every day , And in this prison he was in solitary confinement every day and it was a tiny ,  tall cell but this is where another one of his abilities come in use its that he could climb like a lizard although the walls were so smooth he could still climb to the top and use the misso soup he was given to rot the metal cover his cell had until one day the metal was so rotten that it fell apart and that's when he made his move to escape . And then he was found 2 months later and this time he apealed to be sent to a prison in tokyo because of the weather being warmer so he could regain his strength but this was denied and instead he was sent to a prison in one of the coldest places of japan and this is how one of his most famous escapes happened when he was imprisoned the guards threw him outside in the minus tempratures and in this cell he was outraged and exlaimed I WILL ESCAPE MY NAME IS SHIRATORI AND I WILL ESCAPE ILL MAKE YOU WATCH ME ESCAPE . And then he used his last ability he had up his sleeve which was his super human strength and he ripped his handcuffs off his hands and left the guards ion shock . But this was stupid as he exposed the strength he possesed in front of the guards and because of this he got 15 cm wide hand cuffs which were maggot infested and removed every month . To counter this he used his misso soup to rot the hand cuffs like how he did with the metal roof. And he had 24 hour servailance and always stared at the roof making it so they focus on that but in reality he was going to dig out the floor as there was no protection and thats exactly what he did. 

The most important event is because

his last prison escape because of how he outplayed the guards as he'd stare at the roof under being watched by armoured guards for 24 hours straight making them focus on that instead of the floor which only had a layer of wood .

The best chapter is because

The first prison escape .

The adventure would be better if

He didnt stupidly show them his super human strength at the start .

My favourite character is because


My worst character is

Prison guards 

Characters I would add

helpful guards 

Rewrite the Start

ive re written the story at the top

Rewrite the Middle

ive re written the story at the top

Rewrite Ending

ive re written the story at the top 

Rewrite a key event

ive re written the story at the top

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