The Five The Untold Lives Of The Women Killed By Jack The Ripper

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Jack The Ripper, The Sleeper Serial Killer
My introduction:

As the profile of the Polly , Elizabeth , Annie , Kate and Mary grows , Rubenhold detaches them from the folklore and conspiracy trap of been prostitutes .  

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Historian Dr Hallie Rubenhold
Categories: The best quote is:
Quickly simply ,there is no evidence that any of these four women self identified as prostitutes or that anymore among their community regarded them as part of the sex trade....the police were so committed to their theories about the killer's choice of victims that they failed to conclude the obvious: that the Ripper targeted women while they slept.
My Table Of Contents

Introduction : A Tale of Two Cities 

Part I : Polly 

The Blacksmith's Daughter 

The Peabody Worthies

An Irregular Worthies

Houseless Creature 

Part II Annie

Soldiers and Servants 

Mrs Chapman 

Demon Drink 

Dark Annie 

Part III

The Girl From Torslanda 

Allman Kvinna 97

The Immigrant 

Long Liz   

Part IV 

Seven Sisters 

The Ballad of Kate and Tom 

Her Sister's Keeper 


Part V MARY Jane

Marie Janette

The Gay Life 

Conclusion: Just Prostitutes

A Life in Objects    

The most important event is because

The 5 women falling asleep because they were most likely murdered while and because they were asleep. No one in the vicinity heard any screams, in the case of each murder there were no signs of struggle and the killings appear to have taken place in complete silence. The autopsies concluded that all women were killed while in reclining positions. In three cases victims were known to sleep on the streets and even the last victim was murdered while in her bed. The coroner's inquests ascertained that the Ripper never had sex with victims.  

The best chapter is because

The Five  

Mary - was always neatly and decently dressed and looked quite nice and respectable.

Elizabeth grew up on a relatively prosperous family on a farm in Sweden.

Annie hand lived on a country estate in Berkshire  and was able to read and write.   

Polly was a master of reading and writing and was in school up to the age of 15.

Kate - For all her good humour , her singing and jolliness , Kate heart must have been sodden with injury.  


The adventure would be better if

Commissioner Charles has enforced his order issued a year before the murderers stating police must have witnesses ,  proof and that the women is convicted of been a common prostitute. If it had the police investigation would have been different and even it could have led to the capture of the murderer.    

It would have been better if the official transcripts of the coroner's inquest and most of the police documentation had survived.      

My favourite character is because

Thomas Taverner , the workhouse official who awarded Polly a weekly maintenance of 5 shillings , at least he awarded it.    

My worst character is

Victorian Prejudice - The poor were considered lazy and degenerate. Even police figures of the time revealed that the majority of the female population were not engaged in any form of prostitution at all. The workhouses that have a primary function to humiliate those who were forced to rely upon it. The prejudice was such a living reality to the extent it was a living character.       

Characters I would add

A coroner that doesn't conduct a moral investigation as if the hearing was in part to determine whether her behaviour warranted her fate. 

Why did Polly's former husband William Nichols say I forgive you as you are as he saw Polly's dead body ?
Rewrite the Start

The Health inspectors who found 5 children sharing a bed with a dead sibling awaiting burial. I hope the health inspectors removed the sibling with dignity until the funeral.   

Rewrite the Middle

 Its not possible to rewrite the entire Victorian prejudice of an era that perpetrates through the lives of the Five.   

Rewrite Ending

Many History teachers do teach and students learn about this era by questioning the origins of the story , its sources and the the reliability of the sources as well.  

Rewrite a key event

Family breakdowns were a common reality for many of the five. For example Polly when she become separated she didn't move in with her brother or husband whether through her own choice or as a result of a family disagreement. She should have moved in with them as it would have saved her life. 

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