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Bad Beginnings (A series of unfortunate events)
My introduction:

I really enjoyed my book because it has a lot of imaginable as well as sad events, but what happens is that there are 3 children named the Baudelaire's, and they were with one of their relatives, and they found out their parents died in a house fire. So they became orphans, for a while they lived at their relatives house, but it was rather nasty there and a little stinky so the relative announced that they couldn't live with him and his wife now, so he had made plans for them to live somewhere else. So, they ended up moving to another relative’s house named Count Olaf. One the way there they saw a beautiful home which was beautifully decorated (which they thought was their home) but unfortunately it was not.  Count Olaf's home was disgusting, but they had no other choice. He knew the Baudelaire’s really rich, so he wanted to get a hold of their money because their parents had now died. they did not have a proper room and only had one bed, they only had oats and raspberry's for breakfast. so one day their new parent Count Olaf made up a plan to get their money, he decided to marry the oldest child but in order for her to say i do he captured her brother and  sister taped in a tower, once she said i do she had to sign a piece of paper to ensure the marriage but she wrote with her left hand instead of her right so the marriage was not completed but the children got free in stupidity and they wanted to live with Justice as she let them come to her library and borrow books but her relative Mr Poe said she is not a relative so they had to live with someone else.

Author’s Name:
Lemony Snicket
Categories: The best quote is:
don't give up !
My Table Of Contents
The most important event is because

The important event is when the children read a law book from Justice's library to save themselves.

The best chapter is because

The last chapter is the best because of all the events and revenge like ending.  

The adventure would be better if

The adventure would be better if the children got to stay with Justice.

My favourite character is because

My favourite is the oldest child as she played a smart trick.

My worst character is

The worst character is Count Olaf because of his bad actions.

Characters I would add

i would add justice's children.

why couldn't the children stay with the other women?


Rewrite the Start

The children became orphans and moved to several different families.

Rewrite the Middle

They got captured and went through a lot of stuff.

Rewrite Ending

They had to live with another relative.

Rewrite a key event

The oldest child wrote with her left hand instead of right.

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