Harry Potter

My title:
Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone
My introduction:

Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone is an enthralling start to Harry’s journey toward and coming to terms with his past and facing his future.It was the first book written by Rowling, and she was praised for creating well rounded characters and a fully realised wizard universe that coexisted with the present world 

Author’s Name:
J.K Rowling
Categories: The best quote is:
The ones that love us never really leave us.You can always find them in here.Sirius Black
My Table Of Contents
The most important event is because

The most important event is when Harry Potter fought Voldemort because he learnt something

The best chapter is because

The best chapter is in prisoner of Azkaban when Harry Potter met his uncle

The adventure would be better if

The adventure would be better if Harry potters parents didn’t die

My favourite character is because

It’s harry Potter because he didn’t most mysterious and interesting

My worst character is

MY worst character is Draco because he is the most annoying person in the book and movies

Characters I would add

Harry Potter mum and dad

What character did you hate the most?


Rewrite the Start

Mrs qnd Mrs Dursley,of the number four Privet Drive we’re proud to say they were perfectly normal,thank you very much

Rewrite the Middle

So pleased of course I mean it’s the very best school of witchcraft there is Ive heard I’ve learnt all our set books off by heart

Rewrite Ending

Harry Potter she squealed.Look Mum I can see ,Be quite Ginny and it’s rude to point

Rewrite a key event

When Harry was just 1 year old, Voldemort showed up at the Potter's door on the night of Halloween in Godric's Hollow. Lily Potter died saving her son, ending the First Wizarding War and intertwining Voldemort and Harry's fates forever.

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