The 39-storey treehouse

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The 39-storey treehouse
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The 39-storey treehouse is the 3rd of a 9 book series and is a very good book. Andy Griffiths, the author, has used himself and his illustrator (Terry Deary) in his book, along with some other fictional characters. I would recommend this book to you, along with the other 8 books, because they are very funny and entertaining. The books also have a lot of pictures for you to look at and admire.

 Andy and Terry have to create a book and give it to their publisher-Mr. Big Nose-by 5 o'clock the next day. But, as always, Andy and Terry get distracted. It is hard not to get distracted in a 39-storey treehouse. Terry had created a machine called the 'once upon a time' machine. This machine would write the story for them. But this machine had locked them out and so Andy and Terry decide to go to the dark side of the moon to get Professor Stupido-the greatest un-inventor of all time-to un-invent the machine. But things get out of hand and professor Stupido starts un-inventing everything he sees, including himself! So terry redraws the entire universe and order is restored.

Author’s Name:
Andy Griffiths
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My Table Of Contents
The most important event is because
The best chapter is because
The adventure would be better if
My favourite character is because
My worst character is
Characters I would add
Rewrite the Start
Rewrite the Middle
Rewrite Ending
Rewrite a key event
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