beasts and monsters

My title:
beasts and monsters
My introduction:

this book has many parts in it and stories but i will be focusing on two the sphinx and medusa throughout this

Author’s Name:
anthony horowitz
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My Table Of Contents

i honestly didnt understand that part

The most important event is because

perseus killing medusa because she was the cause to many deaths in one of the stories

The best chapter is because

the best story not chapter is the sphinx because everyone is using words to outplay each other

The adventure would be better if

it would be better if they could add more pictures since there arent many and theyll keep you wondering when you want to know something which i feel is a bad thing

My favourite character is because

perseus because he knows how to kill people with his senses

My worst character is

medusa because she looks a bit weird and was the one sabotaging/killing the village by staring villagers down

Characters I would add

a assistant for perseus because it would add a bit more fun and verbal people talking in the book and to be hones who wouldnt prefer a duo

who killed medusa?

you could infer it

answer is perseus

Rewrite the Start

there was a land with many people but there was one village being sabotaged by a person named medusa and they set someone of to find and kill medusa that one person was perseus 

Rewrite the Middle

perseus travelled through many lands to find medusa the swamp the forests and the hills to find medusa and when he found her cave he had to travel another long mile

Rewrite Ending

perseus thougtuse his senses and to not loook her in the eyes if he doesent want to face death he used his shield and senses to find medusa and finally slash of her head he took it backto the king and the king was proud and they lived hapillly ever after

Rewrite a key event

perseus faced many things through the caves but sooon medusa was found and medusa wanted pereus to come in so she could stare him down and kill him

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