Outrage The Five Reasons Why O.J Simpson Got Away With Murder

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Innocent By Incompetence
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There was no mystery in the Simpson case. Anymore who says this case is a mystery and Simpson might actually be innocent is either being disingenuous - a euphemistic way of saying he or she is lying - or is suffering from a severe intellectual hernia, or is just not aware of the evidence.  

Vincent Bugliosi is a good prosecutor as there ever was. A prosecutor's job is to persuade a jury a person is guilty of breaking the law. Bugliosi has a record of persuading 21 juries out of 21 juries to find guilty 21 people of murder, not losing a single murder case.    

The book is for people who are very angry that a brutal murder is among us -with a smile on his face. 

Nicole Simpson was stabbed seven times in her neck and scalp, Ron Goldman was stabbed thirty times on his scalp ,face ,neck ,chest ,abdo-men and left thigh. 

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Vincent Bugliosi
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I'm satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that it was because of the prosecution's terribly inferior performance from the beginning of the trial to the very end that the Simpson jury had a clear conscience giving Simpson his ticket to free-dom.
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Editor's Note 


I. In The Air 

II. The Change of Venue

III. A Judicial Error

IV. The Trial 

V. Final Summation 


Appendix A 

Appendix B 

Appendix C 


The most important event is because

The glove demonstration. Many feel it was the pivotal point in the trial, from which prosecution never recovered. It was either one of the greatest acting jobs of all time( by the actor of limited skills) , or one of the biggest bungles ever committed by a district attorney's office. O.J. Simpson poked and wormed his hands into the infamous bloody gloves...he seemed to wiggle his way a bit closer to being a free man. Simpson juror Brenda Moran told reporters after the verdict, the gloves didn't fit.  

The best chapter is because

Mr Johnny Cochran because he proved to be better than the prosecutors at the art of argumentation. It is likely that the Simpson jury perceived the courtroom performances of the attorneys as being more effective than they were because they saw what they expected to see. 

The adventure would be better if

A better judge. Judge Ito did not posses the intellectual maturity to preside over a case of this magnitude. 

It is unacceptable for a judge who's presiding over a murder trial to bring the lawyers into chambers to show them comic reviews. Ito also told lawyers Simpson jokes he had heard.     

Ito should have precluded the defense from introducing race into the case.

Ito was  grossly inappropriate to permit Simpson to address the court without taking the stand.

Ito did something inexcusable and for which there wasn't any possible legal argument for playing the 61 excerpts in open court of the Fuhrman tapes without the jury. However the conjugal visits meant that the jury would likely hear the contents of the tapes. 

My favourite character is because

Mr Donald Vinson ,the national authority in the field of litigation support because he offered free of charge his services to the prosecution, he was right in his working hypothesis before the trail that black females were the worst conceivable jurors for the prosecution in the Simpson Case. If this assessment had been acted on , the jury make would have been different and therefore as a result maybe a different result.    

Another issue with the jury was that they were relatively simple and uneducated people who lionize celebrities. This is vital as we all know if Simpson weren't who he is - a football star and legend - nothing about this otherwise mundane case would have been the same , including, most likely the verdict.        

My worst character is

Marica Clark because as head of the prosecution team , Mrs clerk takes full responsibility for the mistakes. The prosecutors type of incompetence was so extreme that I doubt it was shared by the DA and the defense in this case. 

Witnesses were inadequate prepared- Denis Fung admitted that there was no such preparation of him by the prosecution. We were just caught off guard.

Mrs Clark didn't at the start instruct witnesses right off the top that they are not to talk to the media , particularly for money.    

Marica Clark's summation was not only weak and relatively short and she was continually admit-ting to the jury she didn't know or wasn't sure of something ,or didn't have something she needed. 

Clark failed to establish a rapport and creditability with the jury because there was a disjointed , almost amorphous prosecution as there was too many prosecutors. Clark went three entire months without handling one witness before the jury. 

Clark failed to present evidence of a pattern of domestic abuse , failed to show the photos of Simpson wearing his gloves while commentating, Simpson's statement to the police, Simpson's suicide note and gun, his passport , cash and disguise of a fake mustache. These items show Simpson had decided to escape. If Simpson was framed by Mark Fuhrman was did Simpson write a suicide note?  

Clerk failed to tell the jury that Fuhrman had pampered Simpson , gave him special treatment by not even filling out a police report out about a call out in 1985. Simpson had smashed Nicole's car with a bat and Fuhrman does nothing at all. 

Even with the DNA evidence of there been one in 170 million chances  that the blood belongs to someone other than Mr Simpson.


Characters I would add

Detective Carlton Brown , Fuhrman's black partner in 1993, said he ,referring to Mark, race was never an issue. He treated everyone fairly. I never observed him violate civil liberties. 

Los Angeles deputy attorney Danette Meyers who is black. Mark Fuhrman after a defendant threated to kill her, guarded her on his own personal time. 

Sergeant Paul Partridge said Fuhrman had a Latina girlfriend and that Fuhrman would would risk his life for anyone on the job.

Detective Robert Tapia , Fuhrman's supervisor at the LAPD said Mark's not prejudiced against blacks, he's only prejudiced against criminals , whatever their color. 



Rewrite the Start

Bugliosi should of written more of the context of racism in the LAPD , wider society to allow the readers to understand why the race card defense was effective with the jury as well as the incompetence of the prosecution. He did say that he doesn't go into all the details of the case but more of the social context.   

Rewrite the Middle

In the context of Dr Vinson's jury research of a working hypothesis of black females were the worst conceivable jurors. Mrs Clerk should have used more jury challenges to a get a better racial mix balance. Vinson's research of 400 phone calls only 7 % of black females said Simpson was guilty , 23% of black males thought Simpson was guilty. The focus groups comments of black females said in relation to Simpson's violence towards Nicole , the comments were every relationship has these kinds of problems. Black females were more forgiving and accepting of domestic violence than those who hadn't experienced it.  

Rewrite Ending

A guilty verdict and Judge Ito publishes the report produced by Deputy Jeff Stuart in the incident of Simpson speaking to Rosey Grier. A deputy heard an highly incriminating remark. 

Rewrite a key event

Getting someone else of the same hand size to put the glove on .Simpson was in complete control and was the one who decided if the glove fitted.   

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